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Mary Keohane, health coach and yoga instructor

Mary Keohane, health coach and yoga instructor

I have worked in the health care field for 30 years as a physical therapist. Great strides have been made in diagnosis and treatment as well as technological advances in care. Despite all of these advances, health care continues to largely be a disease-management field vs a health management field. In order to prevent illness; chronic, acute or hereditary, patients are largely left to find many answers on their own with a vast amount of information available. What is not often taken into account is a person’s individuality, their strengths/weaknesses, likes/dislikes and their personal goals at achieving comprehensive whole health.

As a clinician, I enjoy partnering with individuals who have a clear vision of what positive change and goals one wants to achieve at the end of a course of treatment. This partnership makes treatment planning and goal setting impactful.

I also enjoy the challenge of partnering with a person who knows where they want to be but the road there looks long, windy and maybe full of pot holes. Setting small, achievable goals, seeing progress toward those goals while taking the clients whole life into account with planning is my approach to partnering with you on your road to whole health.

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