Meditation….one word has so many connotations! Some are overwhelmed with the thought of ‘doing it’, others feel they need they need to be taught. Figuring out the style, length of session and time to practice are all part of the ‘puzzle’. It can be very confusing. I have struggled with my own mediation practice. I am a perfectionist and have an image of what it should ‘look like’. The more I practice, I am realizing for me, a few moments of quiet, stillness and presence with my breath has an impact on my day.


There is much information on the benefits of meditation, mentally, physically and interpersonally! Whatever benefits you seek, just start and you may quickly discover benefits you weren’t necessarily seeking. There are many free apps available, some offer guided meditations, some offer timers and trackers. One of my favorite apps is Insight Timer. It offers a timer with ambient sounds in the background and also the option to follow a guided meditation. These guided mediations can be filtered by length, topic, style, teachers etc.  Another favorite of mine is a 3-4 times a year offering through Oprah & Deepak 21 Day Meditation Experience App. Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra offer this 21-day guided meditation experience. The commitment is approximately 20 minutes/day.  I sign up and complete this each time as I find it energizes my own practice, keeps me on track and also offers a focus to my mediation for 3 weeks. The next one starts on Monday October 29, 2018…it’s a great way to start on your practice!


What are you waiting for…? We are heading into a busy time of year and shorter days. We could all use a little more calm with all that ahead!